Larry Rowen Remele Award

Larry Rowen Remele

Larry Rowen Remele

Established by the Northern Great Plains History Conference to honor the memory of Larry Rowen Remele, this award is presented annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to the betterment of the conference. Remele, a long-time editor of North Dakota History, worked energetically to promote and enhance the conference and was serving as council chair at the time of his premature death in 1988.

The previous winners of the Larry Rowen Remele Award are, in order of presentation:

  • D. Jerome Tweton

  • Archer Jones

  • Lawrence H. Larsen

  • James M. Skinner

  • William E. Lass

  • William C. Pratt

  • R. Alton Lee

  • David B. Danbom

  • Hans Burmeister

  • Dana Miller

  • Malcolm Muir, Jr.

  • Nancy Tyson Koupal

  • Harl A. Dalstrom

  • J. Michael McCormack

  • Charles M. Barber

  • Janet Daley

  • Edward Pluth

  • Gerald Anderson

  • Robert C. Hilderbrand

  • Frank E. Vyzralek

  • Joseph C. Fitzharris

  • James Naylor

  • Kathleen K. Davison

  • Lori Ann Lahlum

  • Anne Kaplan

  • Kimberly K. Porter

  • Gordon L. Iseminger

  • Mark Harvey

  • Perry Hornbacker

  • Betsy Glade